Grand Canyon Tours: big business for Las Vegas tour companies.

Grand Canyon Tours: big business for Las Vegas tour companies.

When I was hired as a tour guide back in January 2008, It became clear to me that Grand Canyon tours drive the Vegas tour industry. In other words, Grand Canyon is where the business is because people want to see it. In my first 15 days as a driver/tour-guide, 13 were Grand Canyon tours to West Rim (known for the Skywalk – glass bridge – extends 70 feet over cliff).

Those were the days when Diamond Bar Road was a 14 mile dirt road, most of us in the tour business know that this road is the final leg to the Hualapai Indian Reservation. In today’s world, Diamond Bar has been paved – which sort of takes the edge off the tour.

What I remember most about those days driving to the West Rim were the cars, passenger vans and tour vehicles pulled off to the side with flat tires. And from the companies perspective, it seemed as if nobody cared as long as you were able to return back to Vegas and be ready to do another Grand Canyon tour.

Now while the South Rim, which is a longer day, presented its own challenges, a potential flat tire would usually never cross one’s mind because the roads are made of asphalt and not dirt!

As someone who has conducted many tours to both Grand Canyon Rims, my recommendation is to do a Grand Canyon BUS Tour to either the West Rim or South Rim via a deluxe tour bus. You will find it comfortable and the odds of having a flat tire during your travel to the Grand Canyon would be unlikely.

My name is Robert Kneeland and I sell Grand Canyon Bus Tours. Website: or call 702-610-6190.

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